Roger Renaud      
A multi instrumentalist  and Vocalist

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 Born on in Lewiston, Maine.  Grew up in a musical family.  His dad, Bob a piano player, and Mom Simone a Big Band  vocalist, inspired him to make the 40s style of music his own. This is when he picked up on all the songs coming out of the 40s.   After World War II an uncle gave him an Army bugle and thus began his magical launch into music..   playing            

By the age of  6 he was taking et lessons effortlessly and by the age of 7 able to sit in with his father's band playing a few tunes..   By the time he got to High School, he picked up and mastered other brass instuments such as the Sax, Trombone, FLute, as well as the Piano and developed his first love for a genre of music ---"Jazz" .

In his late 20s he brought together other professional   musicians and introduced   " The Flairs "  to New England . This group was booked at the Roundhouse Motor Inn in Auburn, Maine five nights per week and had an impact from Maine to Boston.  Under Roger's stewardship of the The Flairs, Lewiston & Auburn, Maine was put on the map.                       . 


For the next 35 years , Roger took his love of music to the next level -- "teaching". Students from all around the area including the Portland Westbrook area  flocked to his studio to learn and feel music coming out of their instruments.  He has tutored students  at all levels "beginners through College " throughout Maine.  While teaching, he learned the art of synthesizing  his own back-up tracks and fronted them with live brass in all tpes of venues under the name VINTAGE - offering music to all who have a taste of music.  The group, VINTAGE , consists of Roger and all his brass as well as his own vocal rendition of ballads and is headlined with a female vocalist, Pam Vaillancourt.  Pam's range and interpretation pleases all audiences --stage,pop,and country. He now  performs  as a Soloist having 2 Solo CDs   "TOUCH OF LATIN " and  "Full Circle"

In 2009 performing at the Poland Spring Resort the owner ask if he would be interested in doing a SOLO  performance in the lobby so he did and also started to sing in addition to playing his horns.  And today he is a SOLO entertainer and gaining some popularity in LA and in Tampa Bay where he winters.


Roger loves playing the east coast circuit and  he snowbirds to Florida  where he is gaining huge popularity in the Tampa Bay area.  "GO TO THE GUEST PAGE AND SAY HELLO"  Phone 207 784-2225 or Fl 727 535-6761     e mail  




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ps such as Bill Haley &  The Comets, SCROLL DOWN FOR YOl

 TUBE Bobby Hendricks of Tifters, The Guy Lombardo Orchestra















om Piggott "the world fastest fingers on the keyboard and comedian" and many more.  He's the Saxophonist for the popular 60s group based in  Lewiston, Maine

"The Moon Dawgs "                                 .



Nick Knowlton and I introduced the new duo in the Tampa Bay area

with mucho success and a touch of class with our PERFORMANCES

throughout the area and will be taking the show back to LEWISTON ,MAINE 'our home town...'